About inCharge Global

Our Company

InCharge Global Limited is a wholly Ghanaian-owned, Electronic Payments company registered in the Republic of Ghana and located in Kanda, Accra, Ghana. InCharge Global Limited’ primary business is the development of payment platforms and services, delivered through Agents, ATMs, POS, internet, mobile and other electronic channels. inCharge Global also recruits and manages the largest Managed Agent Network in Ghana. inCharge Global provides an Agent Network for various products such as Agency Banking, Mobile Money, Subscription payments, top-ups for various services, bill payment collections and many more.

About inCharge Access Network (iCAN)

inCharge Access Network (iCAN) is the Agent Network of inCharge Global, currently with an active user-base of 3,364 Mobile Agents and 1,442 stationary Agents. iCAN currently covers 276 territories in all 10 Regions of Ghana. iCAN focuses on Agent recruitment, training and liquidity support. Our Agent Network is branded ‘inCharge Money Agent’.

What We Do

Our business focuses on delivering Financial services to marginalized communities in Africa.

We recruit, empower and support people, especially youth and women to deliver basic financial services in their communities as Bank Agents. Our Agents provide remittance services, financial literacy education; savings accounts; deposits and withdrawals, loan applications and other financial services to members of their communities, to empower them to grow their income and their business.

We setup, train and support Agents to deliver these services to earn an income, thereby creating an avenue for them to be self-sufficient and support their families.

Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to be an innovative Electronic Payments company, delivering exciting and reliable payment brands that provide a consistently enjoyable experience for our customers every time; building loyal and enduring relationships with our clients and employees, customers, partners and government leaders where we operate.

We are currently the largest Managed Agent Network in Ghana, with over 4,800 Agents providing varied electronic services and 1,442 of them provide Digital Financial Services in all 10 Regions of Ghana.

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